What is Amolly Home Instead for Elderly Care?

 Amolly Home Instead for Elderly Care is an elderly care home in Rachuonyo East Sub-County, Homabay County(Kenya) taking in vulnerable and disabled elderly men and women in communities. It is a registered community based organisation by Dep.of Social Development No: CBO/HUD/HB/0103/2020. 

Founding director Mourine Reitebuch has dedicated her life to offer the elderly a chance to a better life. Apart from taking care of them, we also ensure better healthcare by taking the sick ones to the hospitals for treatment.

   We are the only elderly home found in Nyanza region(Kenya) which take in the elderly. we are able to accommodate only 20 elderly at the moment because of the limitted facilities at our elderly home where we fully take care them.
 Amolly elderly home has employed 8 employees in various departments ang 8 volunteers to take care of 20 elderly each day. the ground consists of three parmanent buildings with four bedrooms, small kitchen, office. We also have a temporary structure with the capacity of 12 beds. The elderly home also has a small farm  where we grow fruits and vegetables for consumption by the elderly. we also have shades where they can sit during the day for fresh air.
   Our wish is to ensure the aged persons which is a special group in every society is well taken care of through provision of;
       1. Nutritional needs.
       2.Better Healthcare
       3.Physical care.
  The above provisions will ensure wellness and prolonged lives to the elderly.
we request anyone who has read our story and touched at heart to help us manage to buy food for the elderly, pay rent,pay the workers and build for them a big home because this home which we rented is becoming too small. Everyday we receive requests of elderly cases which has forced me to accommodate some at my home where i stay because they needed immediate help and i could not leave them out.